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Lorry jackknifes on motorway and hurtles towards oncoming traffic after smashing through barrier

Spectacular footage has showed the moment a lorry jackknifed on a wet motorway and drifted across BOTH SIDES of the carriageway in an accident that incredibly left no one hurt. The CCTV footage is from the AP-8 motorway, near the city of Irun, in the northern Spanish Basque region. It shows a Primafrio lorry dramatically entering the shot with its trailer sliding past the cab, and slicing through the central barrier.

Without slowing down, the truck then hurtles towards oncoming traffic as its trailer skids across two lanes of the opposite carriageway. But in an amazing stroke of luck there are no vehicles approaching in the lanes encroached on by the sliding trailer.

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Local media say the cause of the crash was the slippery road surface caused by wet weather

The only vehicle seen in the video is one car in the outer lane, which has no trouble avoiding the stricken lorry. Emergency services attended the scene but not even the trucker, who remains unnamed, was injured in the spectacular crash.

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Two lanes had to remain closed while the accident was cleared

Local media reported that the only cause of the crash was the slippery road surface caused by wet weather.

Two lanes of the motorway had to be closed while the accident was cleared, which caused some traffic congestion.

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It is not known whether the driver of the lorry faces any sanctions from his employer

Primafrio is a frozen goods deliverer with a fleet of 1,500 lorries.

It was not reported whether the driver involved in the crash faces criminal proceedings or sanctions from his employer.

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