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Lorry park needed in Flintshire to bring an end to parking problems

A lorry park is needed to prevent HGV drivers sleeping in residential streets and laybys, an angry councillor has said. Sealand councillor Christine Jones has called on the Welsh Government to bring forward plans to build a lorry park on Deeside to prevent such parking. She said drivers were having to park overnight in laybys on residential roads and on industrial estates.

Cllr Jones said: “We really need to push for a truck stop in Flintshire. I know there are proposals for one in Deeside in the Deeside Plan but we need to bring this forward. “Lorries are lined up and they are blocking every road on the Deeside Industrial Estate, sleeping overnight – and it is so dangerous.

“They are parking up everywhere to sleep.” Cllr Jones said there were many lorries in Sealand, with drivers either on their way to Holyhead or toward the M53. She said: “We’ve got them coming from all angles.

“It is not right. They are parking in residential areas.” Cllr Jones said there were complaints about drivers throwing rubbish from their vehicles and going to the toilet outside their trucks – but added it could also be dangerous for the drivers.

She said: “They are parking up on laybys throughout the county in unlit areas. They could be robbed in the night.’ She added that they were also causing problems for motorists.

Cheshire Police last week warned lorry drivers to ensure their vehicles were extra secure following a spate of fuel thefts from HGVs parked in laybys along the A55. There have long been calls for a lorry park in the county, with proposals for one in the Caerwys area not coming to fruition. There was also previously a lorry park on the Deeside Industrial Estate which closed down.

A Welsh Government spokesman said: “A ‘lorry park’ such as that described would be for a private company to lead on.

“We would consider any approach for support for a viable facility in the usual way.”

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