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Lorry sheds its load of rotting animal remains “causing grown men to be sick in road” over “appalling smell”

The stench of rotting animal remains in a giant offal spill is causing grown men to be sick at the side of the road. A picture of a lorry shedding its load of offal[1] on the A520 Weston Road in Weston Coyney, on Saturday afternoon, has sparked outrage among residents. It is the latest in a series of problems with animal waste being transported through the area, the Stoke Sentinel[2] reports.

Local MP Rob Fello said the “absolutely appalling smell” is “causing grown men to be sick at the side of the road”. “It’s worse in the summer,” he said. “I’ve heard of families having barbecues, but then having to go indoors because of feeling ill when a wagon has gone past.”

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A520 at Weston CoyneyThis latest spillage is one of a series of problems with animal waste being transported through the area

Mr Flello said: “I’ve had discussions with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the trade body that represents some rendering companies. “They were looking at using sealed, refrigerated containers, but all that came to nothing.

They were looking at it from the point of view that, unless they were required to do it, they wouldn’t get the benefit. It’s a cost issue.” Six years ago, nearly 2,500 residents signed a petition complaining about the odour and spillages from lorries.

But Stoke-on-Trent City Council said it could little without a change in the law.

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An Environment Agency spokesman said: “Following a spillage from a lorry on Saturday afternoon, we assessed the potential environmental impact and are content that, due to the prompt clean-up and the proximity to a drain that leads to a sewage plant rather than a river, there is no further risk to the water environment.

“As the vehicle was only five miles from the owner’s depot, the clean-up team attended and dealt with the situation, including the removal of the waste product, and disinfection of the road.

“No infected bird carcasses from the avian Influenza outbreak in the UK were in this load.”


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