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Man arrested after driving stolen gas lorry into Barcelona traffic

A man who drove a stolen lorry packed with butane gas canisters into oncoming traffic on a major road in Barcelona, ramming into cars along the way, has been stopped by police gunfire. The Swedish citizen was arrested and is being questioned after speeding dangerously down a motorway near the northeastern Spanish city’s harbour. Spain’s Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, tweeted images of the stopped lorry, which displayed a bullet hole through the windscreen and a cage load of loose barrels.

He said the driver, who has been named by local media as Joakim Robin Berggren, has a history of mental illness and added the incident was not a terrorist act. A regional police spokeswoman earlier said injuries could not be ruled out because the lorry lost several canisters as the man tried to escape at around 11am local time. She said no one was wounded from the police gunshots that forced him to a standstill.

Several cars were hit during the incident, she said, adding that the lorry had been stolen earlier in the day in a nearby district.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, she said a full investigation into the incident has begun and police were not ruling out any theories.

Spain has kept its national security alert to one step below maximum since July 2015.

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