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Man, two daughters killed in road accident

Falling off motorcycle to avoid a pothole results in tragic deaths for three as lorry runs over them. eksedin-melakaPETALING JAYA: A man and his two daughters were tragically killed when they were run over by a lorry in Malacca yesterday, The Star reported. The accident happened at about 1.30pm, shortly after the 35-year-old man, Mohd Lazi Mohd Taher, had picked up his eldest daughter, 8, from school and his 5-year-old from kindergarten to return to their home in Tambak Bugis, in Telok Mas.

According to the daily, Lazi had tried to avoid a pothole and lost control of the motorcycle, resulting in all three of them falling on the road. A lorry travelling just behind ran over them, killing them instantly. Police said the victims had died from injuries to their head and body.

Lazi, who worked at a legal firm, had three daughters. According to a relative, the youngest is still a toddler. “His wife and siblings still can’t accept the fact that they have left us,” the relative said.

“They are all too distraught to even talk to community leaders who came after hearing the news. “I was really shocked when I heard that all three were killed instantly. It was only in the morning that we had breakfast together,” Mahwa Lani, 46, told The Star.

She added that it was Lazi’s routine to pick up his eldest daughter Nur Faisha from SK Telok Emas and Nur Balqisha from a nearby Kemas kindergarten and return home for lunch.

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