‘Massive lorries are ruining our village’ say furious Sturton residents

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People in a Retford village say they have been driven round the bend by huge lorries they claim have been flouting planning rules. Sturton-le-Steeple residents say HGVs heading for a new sand and gravel quarry nearby have been swamping the quiet village and churning up country lanes – despite planning rules banning them from doing so. The parish council, which has never opposed the quarry, says it is fed up with the situation and also has qualms about the site’s new access road north of the village.

READ MORE: 96-year-old man charged with murdering wife[2] “Since the start of the work, Tarmac and their sub-contractors have ignored the conditions of the planning consent and transported heavy equipment through the village and caused considerable damage to roads and roadside verges,” said the council’s Bob Fleming.
“It is expected that the quarry will result in an additional 180 HGV movements on local roads every day.

These movements, coupled with those removing fly ash from West Burton power station will result in almost 400 HGV movements daily on an unrestricted 60 mph C road. “There have been fatalities on the road from Bole to West Burton and it is the council’s view that an additional speed restriction should be in place north of the entrance to West Burton.
“All this upheaval has cause considerable upset to the residents of Sturton.

“Who will protect the residents of illegal HGV traffic through Trentside villages once the quarry gets into full production?” READ MORE: Patient sectioned after ‘frenzied’ pen attack at Rampton Hospital[3] Mr Fleming, along with fellow councillors Brian Marchant and Phil Appleyard, say construction of a bridge on the new quarry route has blocked public rights of way and diverted public footpaths, which they described as “unacceptable”.

And they are also demanding that damage to roadside verges is repaired and that Tarmac and its sub contractors are made to stick to the plan. The new sand and gravel quarry at Sturton-le-Steeple

Notts County Council acknowledged that some route rules had been broken, but claimed the situation has now ended. Mike Hankin, the authority’s planning applications team leader, said: “We were disappointed to learn that the developer (Tarmac) had used the existing roads through the village to deliver some machinery to the quarry in connection with initial development works without our knowledge or consent. “However, following discussions, it became clear that this was the only practical option available to facilitate the construction of two new bridges on the new access route, so a temporary consent was put in place for a very limited number of HGVs to access the site along the village roads subject to strict controls over the number and time of day to minimise disruption.

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“We are pleased to report that this work is now complete and we are monitoring the site to ensure that planning controls, including the designated lorry route, are complied with. “We will be meeting with representatives of Tarmac and the parish council next week to discuss reinstatement work to local roads and pathways that have been damaged as a result of the site preparation works.”

And Tarmac says it will work on verge repairs and traffic issues. Tim Deal, estates manager for Tarmac, said: “We recognise there have been some local concern regarding the start of the works and we have established a liaison committee to ensure people’s views are shared and considered. “A new access road is already being constructed, and we have an HGV routing agreement that will allow access the site from the A620, avoiding Sturton-le-Steeple village completely.

“We’ll continue to work with the local authorities to address other areas of site operations, such as verge repairs, traffic speed and noise controls.”


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