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Military helicopter lands on road to ask trucker for directions

It’s not uncommon to be stopped by another driver and asked for directions, but when it’s a military helicopter pilot and you’re on a snowswept road in rural Kazakstan, things start to get a little weird. A video shared to YouTube yesterday shows the moment a truck convoy came across a Mi-8 Gunship helicopter carrying four rocket pods on a desolate road in the northwest of the country. The mobile phone footage appears to have been filmed from the second truck in the convoy and according to RT, the disbelieving foreign voice is saying: “What the f**k is he doing?

He is just sitting there in the middle of the road.” Seconds later a small figure emerges from the helicopter and jogs towards the first lorry, where he shakes hands with the driver before frantically gesturing in various directions. After the brief conversation, he waves in thanks, runs back to the ?8million helicopter and hauls himself in.

With laughter in his voice, the first trucker announces on the convoy radio: “They were lost. He came to ask which way to Aktobe.” “How can you get lost in the steppe?” an incredulous trucker replies as the helicopter lifts off. “How the hell can you get lost in the steppe?”

Following the incident, the Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense has been flooded with inquiries. They have since released a statement to the local media, saying that the helicopter was taking part in a “planned visual orienteering exercise,” in which trainee pilots were required to determine their location using methods that included “by means of human survey.” Reportedly, the exercise was a “success”, and the helicopter has since returned to its base airfield.

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