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Multiple crash in Meru leaves 10 dead

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At least 10 people have perished in a crash involving a lorry and four vehicles at Kiengu Market in Meru County. Garbatulla Deputy County Commissioner Kipchumba Rutto confirmed the incident. It occurred on the Maua-Farm-Kinna-Garbatulla road.

It is reported that the lorry, which was heading to Garbatulla from Maua, developed mechanical problems at Farm causing the driver to lose control, ramming into vehicles parked by the roadside. Most of those injured were atop the lorry. They were taken to Maua Methodist Hospital for treatment.

The scene where a lorry ploughed intoThe scene where a lorry ploughed into pedestrians killing at least five people on February 10, 2017. PHOTO | ALEX NJERU Mr Rutto said preliminary investigations indicate that the truck’s brakes failed.

“It’s was a fatal accident involving a lorry carrying goods from Garbattula headed to Maua. “The truck, which ferries goods and passengers every Friday, lost control before ramming into four Toyota proboxes,” Mr Rutto said. “We fear several people perished while others sustained serious injuries during the accident which occurred at around 4pm,” he told the Nation on phone.

Igembe Central MP Kubai Kiringo – who visited the scene – told traffic police to ensure that vehicles transport designated goods to prevent such incidences. “Matatus should carry people and not lorries. This road is in a bad state as it is full of dangerous potholes,” he said.

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Last week, both Mr Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto reiterated their determination to arrest

When it rains in Nairobi, it pours.
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President Kenyatta creates Nairobi Metro Area Transport Authority.


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