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Night-time lorry ban to be introduced in village

A night-time lorry ban is to be introduced for a trial period on a 3km stretch of road through Collingham.The 7pm to 7am ban for 7 1/2 tonne HGVs on the A1133 starts on March 20.

HGV traffic will be monitored in Collingham and nearby villages for at least six months to allow for further assessments, observations and comments. The Nottinghamshire county councillor for the area, Mrs Maureen Dobson, has been campaigning for three years for something to be done about the lorries. “The situation has become horrendous for villagers who just want a good night’s sleep,” she said.

“Some of them offered to make a bedroom available for the highways officers so they would know what it is like.” Mrs Dobson said she had been continually told that nothing could be done so she was delighted it was agreed to introduce a trial ban. “It will be monitored over the next six months and then looked at to see if anything needs to be tweaked,” she said.

Temporary signs warning of the order are due to go up shortly, ahead of permanent signs. The chairman for the transport and highways committee at the county council, Mr Kevin Greaves, said an average of 99 HGVs used the A1133 north of Collingham, which had led to concerns about noise pollution, road safety and environmental impact. “To help mitigate the impact of this number of HGVs using a rural, single carriageway, the county council is going ahead with an experimental environmental weight limit,” he said.

HGVs needing to access businesses will be exempt from the restrictions.

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