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One week left to take the youth in trucking survey: Trucking HR Canada

OTTAWA, Ont. — Trucking HR Canada is calling on all employers and employees in the Canadian trucking industry to have their say and complete its youth in trucking survey.

The survey is part of Trucking HR Canada’s plan to develop a national employment strategy for youth in the industry.

The short survey covers three main themes, including: attraction, engagement, and challenges.

Trucking HR Canada says participation will help in assessing what some of the issues are so it can effectively address them.

“We need to identify ways to better attract, recruit, and retain young people in the trucking workforce,” said Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada. “We want to hear from industry so that we can assess and ultimately address what some of the challenges are.”

The online survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, is fully anonymous, and is open to anyone with an opinion on this subject matter, including; managers, HR personnel, drivers, young people, etc.

To access the employer survey, click on the following link: https://truckinghrengage.com/en/content/youth-drive-employer-survey-0[1]

To access the employee survey, click on the following link (Driving and Non-Driving Occupations): https://truckinghrengage.com/en/content/youth-drive-employee-survey-0[2]


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