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Overtake, and this happens

BMTC bus turns turtle in race for supremacy with lorry.

30 passengers on board, but all are safe

An overtaking spree between a BMTC bus driver and a lorry endangered the lives of 30 passengers on Friday with the bus toppling off the road into a lake. Fortunately, no deaths were reported.

At around 9am, a BMTC bus from KR Market to Jaibheemnagar via Tavarekere fell into the Arakavathi lake in Tavarekere police limits. The fall happened when the BMTC driver tried to overtake the lorry which was speeding. But when the lorry driver tried to compete for supremacy, the bus driver tried applying the brake, but lost control over the vehicle,

collided with the lorry and then fell into the lake. Soon, a crowd gathered and helped the passengers get out. Passersby immediately rushed called the police.

All 30 people were rescued within 20 minutes.

Out of the 30 people, 10 have minor scratches on their bodies and were immediately rushed hospital. “Both vehicles have been seized and filed an FIR,” said Tavarekere police.

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