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Pakistani murder suspect challenges his death sentence

A lorry driver who was convicted of murdering a businessman in revenge for ordering the killing of his brother more than six years ago is fighting his death sentence.

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance had handed down the death sentence to the 38-year-old Pakistani man in November 2016 after he was found guilty of premeditated murder of the businessman. Official court documents stated that the man tracked down his victim, a 67-year-old Pakistani, and drove into him with his lorry, crushing the man as he stood against his car in the Bani Yas area.

“The lorry driver also admitted to police that he reversed and then repeatedly drove at the man before setting fire to him and his car,” said prosecutors.

“He then fled the scene.”

The incident occurred in September 2015.

Prosecutors added that the man told them he murdered the Pakistani victim to avenge his brother, who he said was killed by the victim in Pakistani more than six years ago. But in court, the lorry driver retracted his previous statement denying he murdered the businessman.

Court had convicted him based on the evidence presented by prosecutors.

The Pakistani however challenged the ruling to the appeal court.

He told the judge that the businessman and his car accidentally caught fire when he-the defendant lit a cigarette as the victim opened a bottle containing a flammable liquid to cool his car engine.

During the driver’s trial in the first instance court, the victim’s son rejected blood money and insisted on the death penalty for the killer of his father.

“The killer should be given death sentence for what he did to my father,” the son. “We shall not accept blood money from him.” The trial was adjourned to a future date.

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