Police: Veteran, semi truck driver exchange gunfire during road rage incident in Bradford County

by: Brittney Donovan, Action News Jax Updated: Feb 8, 2017 – 12:11 PM

Bradford County Sheriff’s Office[1]

A veteran and semi truck driver were arrested after allegedly firing shots at one another during a road rage incident in Bradford County. Kevin Dezurik, 45, and Guy Gould, 52, are facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge after the road rage incident on Highway 301.

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According to a police report, Dezurik was driving his semi when a white SUV got in front of him. Dezurik, who is from Mississippi, caught up to the SUV and got close to the car, turning on his bright lights.

Video from a camera on the semi captured Gould, the driver of the SUV, display a handgun out the window, according to the report. Dezurik told police that he heard two shots as he passed the SUV.

ROAD RAGE: 2 men facing charges after allegedly firing shots during road rage incident in Bradford County https://t.co/iqCjkj2ZlF pic.twitter.com/vPD5nIfRYt[2][3]

— ActionNewsJax (@ActionNewsJax) February 8, 2017[4]

Dezurik cut Gould off, sending his SUV with his wife inside into the median, police said. Dezurik stopped the semi and said he was going to hold them at gunpoint but the SUV drove off.

He admitted he shot two rounds into the side of the car and four rounds into the rear. Gould told police he was in the military for 23 years and has PTSD. He said he felt like he needed to get his wife out of the area after the semi traveled into their lane and pushed their SUV into the median.

Guy Gould told police he was in military for 23 years, has PTSD.

Said he doesn’t remember pulling gun on semi truck https://t.co/DoIWraZRAN pic.twitter.com/FAnfawooSn[5][6]

— Brittney Donovan (@brittneydonovan) February 8, 2017[7]

Gould said he could not remember pulling a gun on the semi because PTSD causes him not to remember everything. Gould’s wife Debra said she was asleep in the passenger seat when she heard a couple pops and woke up. She said she noticed the semi coming into their lane.

She said she did not notice if her husband had his firearm in his hand but she did notice the center console where they keep it was removed.

Semi truck driver admitted to firing six rounds at SUV after driver allegedly pulled gun on him in Bradford County https://t.co/iqCjkj2ZlF pic.twitter.com/GU8iU0ecgt[8][9]

— ActionNewsJax (@ActionNewsJax) February 8, 2017[10]

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