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Put an end to encroachments at Lorry Adda, demand transporters

LAHORE: Transporters have demanded Lord Mayor Mubashir Javiad to remove encroachment and ensure cleanliness and security arrangements at Badami Bagh General Bus Stand, commonly known as the Lorry Adda. They said that thousands of passengers travel from Lorry Adda to other cities on a daily basis but no proper security arrangements had been taken by departments concerned. They said that policemen should be deputed at entrance points and people should be allowed to enter the bus stand premises only after security clearance.

They said that the Metropolitan Corporation should also ensure sanitation arrangements, besides establishing sheds for passengers. They said traffic jams had become a routine around the Lorry Adda owing to encroachments which also led to scuffles between passengers and transporters. They said that encroachment wing, traffic police and other departments concerned should deal strictly with encroachers and ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Lorry Adda Administrator Kamran Dogar said that they had informed Lord Mayor about the problems and he [mayor] has assured to address their grievances soon.

He said the mayor also promised to build sheds for passengers at the bus stand. “We are taking all necessary action and utilising resources to entertain transporters and passengers.”

Meanwhile, according to the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC), “We are removing 12-15 tonnes of waste on a daily basis from the general bus stand and our teams are properly working in two shifts.”

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