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RECAP: Armed raid on CCTV, lorry gets stuck near pub, X-rated gesture at Gloucester Rugby on TV

This is where you can stay up-to-date during the day with everything that is going on in Gloucestershire. We have covered a dramatic armed raid at a newsagents[1] and the aftermath of a fire that sent exploding parts[2] into the evening sky. And we reported how Gloucester Rugby made the news after an obscene gesture[3] by a fan was caught on live TV during the Saracens game at Kingsholm last week.

We also understand that billionaire Mohed Altrad[4] will not become Gloucester majority shareholder. We will also bring you the latest weather[5] and travel and all the breaking news from the county. So stay with us, your one-stop-shop for all the latest news, views and features in Gloucestershire.

Just scroll down on the live blog below for the information you need today.

And you can contact us at [email protected][6],[email protected][7]and you can find us on twitter and Facebook.


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