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Resident claims bin men refuse to drive down hedge lined street

A resident in Coventry claims that bin men are refusing to drive down his street because a hedge might scratch the lorry’s mirrors. Terence Armour lives at the bottom of Dovecote Close in Coundon and says that refuse collectors stopped emptying the general waste bins outside houses at the end of the street three years ago. The 55-year-old businessman said the problems began when a new collection team took over the route.

I’ve had an issue with the bins for three years.

They aren’t being taken away. He (the driver at the time) said he didn’t want to scratch the mirrors on the hedge. I cut the hedge back at a cost to myself.

The recycling bin lorry comes down here, but the main truck won’t come down. You can quite clearly get a truck down here. A fire engine can get down here.

There’s no reason a bin lorry can’t.

– Terence Armour, resident

A spokesman for Coventry City Council told the Coventry Telegraph that Dovecote Close was quite narrow and refuse wagons have to be able to drive forward or reverse down a street.

She said: “If a resident has an issue, they can apply for assisted collection.”

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