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Residents haunted by death of man hit by lorry on A158

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A woman has described the haunting moment she saw the body of a 23-year-old man lying in the road after being hit by a lorry. The resident lives close to the A158 near Reepham where the young man was killed on Friday, February 3. She said: “That morning, I just kept thinking ‘who’s son is that?’

READ MORE: Fatal crash involving lorry and pedestrian closes A158[2] A video of the scene a few days on from the fatal crash… “This road was blocked and I went down to the bottom [of the road] and saw a body in the road[3].

“It’s awful. A lorry driver would not be expecting to see a walker at that time of night.” Her husband added that the stretch of road is bad for potholes.

Dawn Davison, 34, from Reepham, added: “It was quite haunting knowing what had happened there. “It’s an awful road.

The road isnt dangerous, it’s the way people drive. “I come out that road twice a day and I’m always waiting for about five minutes. People drive stupid or take their time.

And people overtake too. Either way, it’s not ideal. “There are too many cars and it’s not a nice road to drive along.

When you get to Langworth, it’s nicer. It seems a slower and better drive. “In the summer, you can be waiting half an hour at the junction with the Skegness traffic.

There is a frustration among people – and you get boy racers. “My heart goes out to the family and I hope they are okay. I would not want him to suffer.

It’s sad when it’s so close to home. Life is too short.” READ MORE: 23-year-old man dies after crash involving lorry and pedestrian on A158[4]

See the scene of the collision on Friday, February 3…
Another woman, who lives in the nearby village of Sudbrooke, said: “It is a bad road but I don’t think there would be the same problems at that time of night. “There are quite a lot of incidents along there but not like that.

There’s not excess traffic at that time.” Another local resident from Sudbrooke told Lincolnshire Live: “People get frustrated and pull out. As cars come into the Scothern Lane turn-in, it blocks your view of the A158.

“There has been several crashes with cars trying to get out of there. “There’s so much traffic now. The A158 is getting busier and busier.

It used to be nice and quiet around here but that’s no longer. “It’s gridlocked – and there are school buses coming down here [Sudbrooke roads] along with people who park on the pavement. “There’s too many cars and too many people, but you can’t do anything about it.

“At 3am, I can imagine the lorry driver would not be expecting walkers and walkers would not be expecting traffic.” Police have not yet released the name of the man who died.

They say he was wearing blue jeans, a dark coloured top and brown shoes.
His death was confirmed at the scene. Officers are appealing for witnesses to come forward and anyone who was travelling in the area between Lincoln and Sudbrooke, on the A158, between 2am and 3.30am to contact them on the non-emergency number 101.

READ MORE: ‘There are two or three crashes there a month’ – Sadness after death on A158[5]


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