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Shocking video shows the moment out of control tanker ploughs into temple procession, killing two

Shocking video footage has captured the moment an out of control tanker ploughs into a temple procession, allegedly killing two pedestrians. Another two people were thought to be seriously injured when the lorry careered into the group of devotees during a Taoist temple[1] parade. Horrific mobile phone footage of the deadly incident shows the religious followers being mowed down by the large vehicle[2] , which is believed to have suffered brake failure.

The incident is Chaozhou City’s Raoping County, in South China’s Guangdong Province, is said to have taken place during the annual “Bai Lao Ye” celebrations.

The lorry out of control, running over peoplePedestrians run for their lives as the lorry fails to brake

The practice, which has been observed for hundreds of years, is a local folk tradition and sees Taoist devotees form a procession as they lift a litter through the streets, carrying a symbolic deity. The video shows the crowds in the parade caught completely unawares as the tanker rolls through them, causing at least one of the followers to be run over and dragged under the chassis of the tanker, which was reportedly filled with coal. The accident causes temple devotees to scream and scatter in terror, with witnesses saying two people were pronounced dead at the scene by arriving paramedics.

The lorry out of control, running over peopleThe lorry ploughs into the grass verge The aftermathShocked onlookers help injured members of the procession

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At least two more were said to be in critical condition and are currently being treated at a local hospital[3] .

Reports have suggested brake failure as the reason behind the fatal crash, but these claims have yet to be confirmed by local authorities.

Further investigation is now under way, with the tanker driver likely to face manslaughter charges.

No names were mentioned in reports.


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