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Sobbing driver says he didn’t see cyclist who was crushed

A lorry driver broke down in tears as he spoke of his “total shock” at running over and killing a designer just weeks after taking a cyclist awareness course. James Kwatia, 42, crushed Moira Gemmill, 55, under the wheels of his lorry as she cycled to work at St James’s Palace, the Old Bailey heard. Before the collision, Ms Gemmill, originally from Argyll, had been hand-picked by the Queen to oversee renovations at Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, as the director of design at the Royal Collection Trust.

Prosecutors say Mr Kwatia failed to give Ms Gemmill enough room on the road when he cut across to the side of the curb at a roundabout near Lambeth Bridge, south London.

Mr Kwatia,…

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