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‘This explosive fertiliser is fine

THE driver of an HGV carrying 1000kg of fertiliser was stopped by police in North Yorkshire. The lorry was carrying ammonium nitrate fertiliser and heading south on the A19[1], when it was pulled over by North Yorkshire Police just before 1.30pm on Wednesday. A spokesman for the force said: “All safety equipment and documentation was in order.

Unfortunately, he was carrying his wife in the cab.” Because the fertiliser contained ammonium nitrate, an explosive chemical compound, anyone transporting the substance must adhere to the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road 2003, known as ADR. The driver was heading for Scunthorpe, but was stopped near Exelby in North Yorkshire The police spokesman said: “The Carriage of Dangerous Goods rules (ADR) doesn’t allow non-trained personnel in the vehicle.

York Press: “He appeared unaware he isn’t allowed to carry passengers who aren’t ADR trained.” North Yorkshire Police said the driver was dealt with proportionately, and the HGV driver’s employer was informed of the issue.

The spokesman said: “The decision was made to allow him to continue the journey.

Our duty of care to his wife dictated we do this, the alternative being to leave her at the services, which was never a plausible option.”

He said the firm’s director had said he would investigate thoroughly and said: “He will also ensure all other drivers are aware of their responsibility in respect of carriage of dangerous goods rules and that non-trained passengers are never to be carried.”


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