This injured lorry driver says no-one seems to drive properly any more

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A driving instructor who was airlifted to hospital after a crash involving a lorry said people have forgotten how to drive carefully. Colin Mullis said drivers not checking their mirrors and going too fast and too close for the conditions were to blame for a three-car collision on Friday evening on the A30. “If people just remember what they were taught when they were learning to drive, there would be far fewer problems and accidents,” said the 32-year-old from Launceston.

It was getting dark at around 5.45pm as Mr Mullis was overseeing a plus pass course with a young man who had just passed his test, to give him more experience on the road. He said all the cars had their lights on and as they approached Launceston, a tractor followed by a lorry joined the A30 dual carriageway from a slip road. Read next: The 11 things all Plymouth couples do[2]

Mr Mullis said: “My student pulled out into the second lane, and I thought ‘oh well done, that’s the right thing to do’. Then the lorry pulled straight away from the slip road into the second lane too. He was only going about 20mph at a push.”

Mr Mullis and his student each slammed on the brakes in their dual-controlled car, and slowed to around 30mph, narrowly avoiding the back of the lorry – but then came a sickening crunch as the car behind slammed into them. “It felt a bit surreal to be honest,” added Mr Mullis. “You’ve come to a stop and you think: ‘that’s it, we’ve done it.’ And then the car behind hits you.” Read next: The reasons why the Reel cinema will probably be bulldozed[3]

The car behind then also slowed and was in turn hit by a second lorry coming from behind, which had also failed to stop in time. The second car then crashed forward again, shunting into the rear of Mr Mullis’s car which then collided with the central crash barrier. Watch below – the police LORRY that’s chasing dangerous drivers

Mr Mullis said that as his wrecked car came to rest, he watched the lorry which had pulled out from the slip road drive away without stopping. He said: “I couldn’t believe what had happened and I could see the lorry driving off. Did he even look in his mirrors before he pulled out?

My student got out of the car and then came round to me and started shouting to get out. There was lots of smoke filling the car.” Read next: Friend says missing teen Celeste Smith had just found out she was pregnant[4]

As they pulled Mr Mullis from the vehicle, he collapsed on the road, unable to move his legs. Police and paramedics quickly arrived and, fearing that Mr Mullis was paralysed, he was airlifted to Derriford Hospital. Luckily, the feeling in Mr Mullis’ legs returned and he came home on Saturday with a hairline crack in his thigh bone.

The other people involved in the crash received minor injuries. He added: “What I find shocking and very annoying is that my car is liveried up as a driving instructor and yet people still blatantly feel frustrated and want to tail-gate and not give any room. And you wouldn’t believe the number of people using mobile phones.

It’s shocking. I must see 30 to 40 people in a 10-hour period driving around Launceston while on their phones.” He said statements from all the drivers about the crash had been passed to the police.

Mr Mullis is now looking to replace his wrecked car and get back to work.

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