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Tipper lorry owners resent inspections

Staff Reporter[1]February 24, 2017 00:00 IST

Updated:February 24, 2017 04:27 IST

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Leaders of the Tipper Lorry, Earth Moving Equipment Owners and Operators Welfare Association have complained that enforcement squads of different departments are hindering their work. At a news conference they alleged that squads functioning under the control of Revenue, Police and Motor Vehicles departments were imposing more restrictions, making it difficult for them to carry out their business. Association leaders M.K.

Prabhakaran and N.

Biju said those who had ventured into the goods transportation business with bank loans were not even getting four hours’ work a day because of the regulations. “Though tipper trucks are keeping off the road during ban hours, we are not able to operate without trouble in the remaining hours because of frequent inspections,” they said.


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