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TomTom reveals list of most traffic congested cities

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – TomTom released the results of its 2017 Traffic Index today which details the most traffic congested cities around the world. Mexico City, Mexico was once again named the most traffic congested city in the world. According to the data, drivers in the Mexican capital expect to spend an average of 66% of extra travel time stuck in traffic at anytime of day.

The TomTom Traffic Index uses data from the previous calendar year and looks at the traffic congestion situation in 390 cities in 48 countries on six continents. It works with nearly 19 trillion data points that have been accumulated over nine years. This is the sixth year of the TomTom Traffic Index.

North America’s top five most congested cities remained the same as 2016. This year, Canada had two cities that placed im the top 10 most congested list. Vancouver (39%) was ranked fourth in North America, while Toronto (30%) took eighth place.

Montreal (29%) was kicked out of the top 10 by Portland, Ore., but ranked 11th. According to the data, traffic congestion is up by 23% globally since 2008, TomTom said. “TomTom’s mission is to transform mobility across the world, helping to create the smarter cities of the future,” said Ralf-Peter Schaefer, v.p. of TomTom Traffic. “A big part of this transformation is to help everyday drivers to make better decisions about how they get around.

This is where our expertise in traffic comes in, and it’s why we release the TomTom Traffic Index every year.

It’s designed to help drivers, cities and transport planners to understand traffic congestion and, most importantly, how to reduce it.”

The Top 10 most congested cities in North America in 2016 (based on extra travel time, with a population of more than 800,000) according to TomTom are:

  1. Mexico City – 66%
  2. Los Angeles – 45%
  3. San Francisco – 39%
  4. Vancouver – 39%
  5. New York – 35%
  6. Seattle – 34%
  7. San Jose – 32%
  8. Toronto – 30%
  9. Miami – 30%
  10. Portland – 29%

For the complete global list, please click here[1].


  1. ^ click here (www.tomtom.com)

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