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Tributes to lorry driver killed in horror crash when vehicle plunged off bridge onto A12

The devastated family of a lorry driver who died after his vehicle careered off a bridge and burst into flames say they will “miss him forever”. Gurdip Johal, 30, was driving a truck carrying a large industrial sized battery when the vehicle crash-landed onto a dual carriageway below on Wednesday. Gurdip- who had been married for around a year and lived with his wife, Mandy Kaur, in Witham, Essex – died at the scene.

Sister, Mandip Kaur, said: “We are going to miss him forever and we are never going to be OK. “It doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel like this has actually happened.”

The family the trained mechanic learned about his death on Thursday morning but say they have “no idea: how the crash happened.

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The scene of the lorry fire which killed Gurdip Johal.Gurdip Johal who died in a lorry fire (centre) with his brother Amandip (left) and sister Mandip

Mandip, 21, who lives with mother Manjit Kaur and brother Amandip Kaur, said: ‘We found out on Thursday morning. “My brother and I woke up to my mum screaming and telling that he has gone. “I didn’t know what was happening because it was so out of the blue.

We just have no idea how this could have happened. “He has been driving vehicles like that for ten plus years. He wasn’t just some clumsy driver so there has to be reason this has happened.

“None of it makes sense and we are struggling to accept this is real.”

urdip Johal who died in a lorry fire pictured as a child with his and sister Mandip.Tragic Gurdip pictured as a child with his sister Mandip.

Mandip, from Ilford, London, revealed how she and Gurdip lost their father when she was very young and he helped to bring her up. She said: “I’ve lost more than a brother, I’ve lost the man who was a father figure to me. “He was so good to us.

He always looked out for us and made sure we were alright.” Gurdip was working for Harris Truck and Van at the time of the tragic crash on Wednesday. Witnesses said his lorry truck fell from a road bridge on the southbound carriageway of A12 between Kelvedon and Witham, before sliding onto a grass verge and bursting into flames.

The scene of the lorry fire which killed Gurdip Johal.The vehicle crash landed on to a dual carriageway below after careering off bridge

Mandip added: ‘Unfortunately for our family, we have had some tough times and not really a lot of happy memories.

“But the ones we have had with Gurdip, I am going to make sure I remember forever. “He has worked hard all his life and has always helped. He had to step up and he did and we will always be grateful for that.”

Police said that are still checking for other casualties injured in the collision. Chief Inspector Nick Lee at Essex Police said: “This was a serious road traffic collision where a man died.

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The scene of the lorry fire which killed Gurdip Johal.The lorry burst into flames and Gurdip died at the scene on Wednesday

“The recovery operation of the lorry is complex due to the nature of the load it is carrying. “All the emergency services involved need to be sure the vehicle can be moved safely and ensure there is no risk to the staff involved or other road users.

“We appreciate this closure will disrupt people’s journeys home from work and we are doing all we can to re-open the road as soon as possible.”

Harris Truck and Van has been contacted for comment.

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