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Truck full of aid from Burton and South Derbyshire on its way to Syria

A truck load of aid is currently on its way to Syria after a huge fund-raising effort by people form Burton and South Derbyshire. The aid, which has also been donated by people from around the area, has now been loaded into a shipping container and set off to the war-torn country on Sunday, February 5. In just a few weeks, a group has been putting on fund-raising events including a pool tournament, sponsored walk and car wash to raise ?14,000, some of which has been spent on getting the truck to Allepo, and some of which will be donated to people there.

The last two fund-raisers, a FIFA tournament on the Playstation 4 and a doubles pool tournament helped push the group past their original target of ?10,000. Yasar Khan, one of the many people who has been involved in raising the money and collecting the aid, said: “I am overwhelmed with joy and words can’t explain the experience of working alongside such a sincere group of dedicated and generous people. So much has been achieved over the last few weeks in support of this project.

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“It just goes to show how committed our communities are, willing to relinquish time, effort, resources and funds in order to make this project a success in aid of those in less fortunate circumstances.

“Everyone involved in this project has really pulled out all the stops to ensure we reach our target and ultimate goal of getting this vital aid to the people of Aleppo, who I’m sure will be most grateful for everyone’s efforts. “I am humbled that we got so much support in progressing this project and in doing so, it has brought me closer to many members of our communities who have worked hard in the forefront and in the background to really drive this project forward and achieving its end goal’. Pete Robinson, who owns the South Derbyshire Boxing Academy, came up with the idea of sending the aid, and said: “I’m so happy that just a simple idea pulled so many generous, thoughtful people together and we reached our target so quickly, with the aid now en route.

“Thank you to everyone who made this work. This is just the start of a strong friendship to make many more great things happen – team work!’

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The container was shipped out and is now en-route to its intended destination of Syria for the people of Aleppo. The containers journey is likely to be around three to four weeks and once on the ground, the charity Muslims in Need will be distributing the aid to the people affected by the Aleppo events, fulfilling the project group’s intentions and objectives.

Of the last two fund-raisers, which were held on Sunday, January 29 at the Sahara Lounge, the FIFA tournament was won by 10-year-old Jaish Ali and the doubles pool tournament was won by Qasim Mohammed and Sajid Mahmood. Group members are still being approached by the generous people from within and around the communities wanting to donate, and are now having to turn people away or direct them to other ongoing projects of similar causes, given the project has now passed its critical milestone. The organisers wished to thank Kashan Ratyal for his help organising the tournaments and Zahoor Hussain for hosting them, as well as Sajid Murtza and Zyra Ahmed for last-minute donations, and everyone else who has contributed to the success of the project.

What was in the container?

The container which initially was planned only for food and clothes, was loaded with a combination of 112 cases of dried fruit, 1,560 16kg bags of flour, 672 cans of five litre vegetable cooking oil, 1,600 pieces of thermal gloves/socks/hats, medicinal aid – consisting of 2,988 of rehydration sachets, 276 bottles of 500ml paracetamol, 110 bottles of 500ml ibuprofen, 200 packs of 30x Imodium and 60 bottles of 100ml Amoxicillin, with the remainder of the space in the container packed with new or as new clothes and a small quantity of baby products and hygiene equipment – making it a very versatile aid container which will go a long way to help to those that are in desperate need of it.

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