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Truckers pay heavy price as AP, T fail to launch ‘single permit’

Hyderabad: The failure on the part of both the governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to settle the issue of ‘single permit’ is resulting in operators of lakhs of lorries and trucks in the two states ending up paying a huge sum of money for obtaining temporary permits.

While it costs around Rs 5,000 per annum per vehicle to move in any of the two states in case a single permit is issued, lorry and truck operators are paying about Rs 60,000 per year on average towards obtaining weekly or monthly temporary permits.

“Officials of both the states have to sit and counter sign the agreement for issue of a single permit. Telangana has this single permit policy with neighbouring Maharashtra, Karnataka but not with AP. Why don’t the officials of both the states sit and sort out the issue.

The Lorry Owners Association had called of its strike in October 2016 after the TRS government had assured us of introducing a single permit system but so far, nothing has happened,” said Telangana Lorry Owners Association General Secretary G Durga Prasad.

Sources said that due to the delay on the part of the two governments in resolving the issue, it is the lorry and truck operators from Telangana who are at more of a loss as compared to their counterparts from Andhra Pradesh.

“Most of the industries, be it pharma, cement, beverages, beer, chemicals are located in Telangana and these goods are transported from TS to AP and other states. Also, a majority of lorries and trucks in Telangana are over 12 years old and as such not eligible for national permit. So the lorries and truck operators from Telangana are ending up paying towards temporary permits and giving huge revenue to AP,” the sources said.

According to transport Minister P Mahender Reddy, two rounds of negotiations have already been held with AP government officials.He sai has directed transport principal secretary Sunil Sharma to initiate a dialogue with his counterparts in AP and resolve the issue at the earliest.Stay updated on the go with Times of India News[1] App.

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