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VIDEO: HGV crashes through bridge barriers onto A12

A HGV has crashed off a bridge and landed on the A12[1]. The road is shut both ways between junction 19 at Boreham and junction 25 at Marks Tey after the serious crash off the Coleman’s Bridge at Witham. The bridge is also closed.

It is understood that the lorry caught fire and the fire service are at the scene. The air ambulance was also dispatched and has landed. Essex Police[2] have asked that drivers avoid the area and there are long delays in both directions.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

  • Picture by Andrew Polson

A motorist caught up in queue about half a mile south of the incident said: “When we saw the smoke, it was like an explosion. “It was really thick, black smoke. “The message coming back to us is people couldn’t believe their eyes.

“The lorry was hanging off the bridge and then it just fell onto the southbound carriageway. “It was only by good grace there were no vehicles coming underneath it.” She added: “All the metal supports on the bridge were knocked off so I would say the police are worried about the structure of the bridge now.”

She reported traffic at Marks Tey was being directed onto the A120[3]. Five fire crews rushed to the scene to assist. A spokesman for the fire service said: “Crews are at the scene of a road traffic collision involving a lorry on the A12 Southbound at Witham.

“Essex Police and the ambulance service are also on scene.” Colchester councillors Lesley and Jessica Scott-Boutell were on the A12 travelling from Colchester to Chelmsford when the accident happened. The mother and daughter from Stanway[4] said: “We were stopped in the queue of traffic but there was no indication at first what had happened.

“Jess saw the smoke and the air ambulance flying in. We realised it was something quite major. “We realised something had come off the bridge on to the A12.

“It is absolutely terrible and we are so sorry for all those involved. “We are shaken. You feel so helpless.”

They were called to the scene at 3.40pm.


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