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Watch: Maniac white van driver starts m-way war with lorry …

Footage has emerged of a van driver going into a road rage frenzy on the M5. The dashcam video, taken near Oldbury on the southbound carriageway shows a white van in the fast lane, driving closely behind another car in heavy traffic. The footage was taken by Will Taylor.

To watch more of his videos, click here[1]. The van driver decides everything is not moving fast enough and cuts inside, beginning to try to undertake the traffic.

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A lorry in the central lane indicates and starts to move left, not realising that the impatient white van is starting to undertake. It is forced onto the hard shoulder to avoid a crash – but then the driver gets angry.

He overtakes the lorry, and in a shockingly dangerous manoeuvre jams on his brakes in front.

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Many other vehicles are forced to brake – even though the van driver has no cause to be angry – because what happened is entirely his fault.

The Mail understands the footage has been passed on to West Midlands Police.


  1. ^ videos, click here (www.youtube.com)

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