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[With Pics] A Lamborghini Driver Who Couldn’t Overtake A Lorry Ends Up Causing 2km Jam In KL

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Published on Monday, 20 February 2017 20:17

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Pic: Harian MetroPic: Harian Metro

KUALA LUMPUR: A driver in a Lamborghini met in an accident yesterday morning as he tried to overtake a lorry in Jalan Tun Razak, heading towards PWTC.

The driver unfortunately lost control and eventually collided with the heavy vehicle thus resulting in damage to his car tyre and stopped in the middle of the busy road, causing a two kilometre traffic jam.

The Integrated Transport Information (ITIS) Ranger from DBKL, Zul-Atfi Abdul Wahid Amin told Harian Metro, that they received the distress call at 10:33am and promptly rushed to the scene of the crime.

“Upon arriving at the location, officers discovered the vehicle had sustained damageto the left tyre and arranged for it to be towed away.

“The accident resulted in a two kilometre traffic jam, but it was brought under control with the aid of traffic police,” he shared.

According to Zul-Afti, the driver in question made it out of the accident alive and left the scene of the accident, apparently abandoning his expensive car for authorities to clean up the mess.

Pic: Harian MetroPic: Harian Metro

Pic: Harian MetroPic: Harian Metro

Pic: Harian MetroPic: Harian Metro

Pic: Harian MetroPic: Harian Metro

– Malaysian Digest


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