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Woman electrocuted and thrown into air after lorry hits power line

A WOMAN was electrocuted and thrown into the air after a lorry hit a power line on a Hampshire road. The 44-year-old lorry driver was electrocuted following the incident, which happened near Kingsclere, and rushed to hospital. At about 8.35am yesterday the driver lifted the hood of the cab, which made contact with live wires overhead.

South Central Ambulance Service[1] (SCAS) were called to a layby off the A339 at Pitchorn Farm, where the driver had parked her HGV. She was thrown into into the air by the electric shock and suffered burns as a result and was rushed to Basingstoke hospital. An SCAS spokesperson said: “The patient was a 44-year-old female who had been thrown into the air by the shock and had burns/injuries to her right hand.”

The woman was taken to Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, after the ambulance service sent a paramedic and a rapid response vehicle to the scene. Police and fire crews also attended. The incident sparked a power cut in Kingslcere, with 442 properties losing power as a result.

A spokeswoman for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), issued the following statement: “SSEN were alerted to an incident at 8.28am today on the A339 Newbury Road after a third party’s vehicle had come into contact with an overhead line.

“As a result, 442 customers in the Kingsclere area were without power.

“Engineers from SSEN were able to restore supplies to all but 96 customers in just over one hour, with the remainder back on supply by 12.06pm.”


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