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Woman goes on drunken joyride across Orchard Road after stealing lorry; hits at least 5 vehicles

Like a Grand Theft Auto playthrough gone horribly real, an allegedly drunk lady took the reins of an unlocked delivery lorry and drove it across the city streets, crashing into multiple other vehicles and generally going on a rampage early Tuesday morning. Fortunately, her little joyride along Orchard Road came to an end after the junction of Grange Road, near the H&M building — only because she engaged the wrong gear and accidentally reversed into a car behind. The 28-year-old woman got out of the lorry eventually, and police arrested her later on.

Private bus driver Edwin Teo witnessed the whole ordeal and uploaded images of the lady’s destructive drive down the stretch of the shopping district — which fortunately didn’t have that much traffic in the wee hours or the morning. spilled drinks orchard road According to Teo’s account in The Straits Times[1], he saw the woman initially trying to open the door of a car near Orchard Towers.

It was locked, so she went to try her luck at a lorry, which was delivering beverages. The driver had left the lorry door unlocked and was out for deliveries. She got behind the wheel and shot off across town, hitting Teo’s bus, taxis and a couple of cars along the way, while also spilling all the cargo onto the road.

The poor delivery guy had to go chase after the lorry with his trolley, so Teo picked him up and tracked down the lorry-jacker. Woman confronted at orchard road lorry bang car orchard

The lady finally stopped after reversing into a black car after the junction. According to the post by Teo, the woman was confronted by passersby, and apparently broke down in front of the cops. Luckily though, no one was injured during her joyride.

Just a lot of spilled goods on the road and lot of angry folks.


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