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2 Batteries + Dual Charger (USB) for Canon NB-5L / Powershot S110 (2012), SX220 HS, SX230 HS… / IXUS 870 IS, 900 Ti… and more – compare list! – Sale

2 Batteries + Dual Charger (USB) for Canon NB-5L / Powershot S110 (2012), SX220 HS, SX230 HS... / IXUS 870 IS, 900 Ti... and more - compare list!

  • Suitable for type of battery: Canon NB-5L (1135B001) / NB5L / NB-5LH / NB5LH — 100% compatible to original battery of:
  • Canon PowerShot S100 (2011), S110 (2012), SD700 IS, SD790 IS, SD800 IS, SD850 IS, SD870 IS, SD880 IS, SD890 IS, SD900, SD950 IS, SD970 IS, SD990 IS, SX200 IS, SX210 IS, SX220 HS, SX230 HS
  • Canon Digital IXUS 90 IS, 800 IS, 850 IS, 860 IS, 870 IS, 900 Ti, 950 IS, 960 IS, 970 IS, 980 IS, 990 IS / Canon CB-2LX, CB-2LXE
  • Canon IXY Digital 800 IS, 810 IS, 820 IS, 900 IS, 910 IS, 1000, 2000 IS

2 Batteries + Charger for digital cameras

The battery

* High-quality cells with low self-discharge
* High capacity
* Protection against short curcuit and overcharging
* High cycle strength for a maximum number of charges/discharges
* Accurate, 100% compatible
* No memory effect

The charger
This lightweight cradle allows you to charge up to 2 batteries of the devices listed while saving space. The following usage modes are possible:

* Load on the USB port of a laptop, a PC or using a powerbank (cable micro USB included)
* Load on the sector (adapter not included, recommended amperage: 1 Amp minimum)
* Load on the cigarette lighter in car (adapter not included, recommended amperage: 1 Amp minimum)

The internal components allow an intelligent charging in order to protect the battery from overheating or overloading. The cradle also shows the charge status of each battery by changing the color of the control LEDs.
The cradle can be use with any USB-cable with micro USB connection. The most actual mobile and tablets have this connection.

2x Battery
1x Cradle for the listed devices
1x Cable: USB A to Micro-USB B

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