Trucker accused of triggering Highway 13 chaos during snowstorm arrested

One of the two truck drivers who allegedly refused to have his vehicle towed during a snowstorm on Tuesday night has been arrested, Quebec provincial police confirmed.

A Laval man, 57, is accused of contributing to a traffic jam on Highway 13 that saw more than 300 people trapped on the highway overnight in the middle of a snowstorm.

– TIMELINE: How did 300 drivers come to be trapped overnight, on a highway, in the middle of a snowstorm?

A towing company was called to remove the trucks to help traffic flow, but the owner of the company told CBC News the truck drivers resisted having their vehicles towed away.

No one was hurt, but some motorists stuck on the highway were there for more than 12 hours.

On Saturday, the man was arrested at his home. Police say he could face charges of criminal mischief.

Quebec provincial police say there was also a warrant for his arrest in Ontario, related to a fraud investigation. He will be handed over to the Kingston, Ont., police.

Investigators are still trying to identify the second truck driver who was also present that night.

He is considered an important witness.

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