Brave couple risk being burned to death as they steer lorry engulfed by flames away from petrol station

A courageous couple risked their lives by steering their burning lorry[1] away from a crowded petrol station to prevent a deadly blast. Brave Ye Hongyan and wife Zhang Jing were about to stop to refuel their truck when they noticed smoke pouring out if it in Changtu County, in China’s north-eastern Liaoning Province. The blaze had spread to goods inside the lorry and the couple were unable to put out the flames.

Faced with the prospect of catastrophe if the petrol station caught fire, the quick-thinking duo steered the flaming truck as far away as possible.

The couple drove off in the burning truck to get far away from the petrol station The pair risked their lives by travelling inside the burning truck Firefighters eventually tackled the lorry’s smoking and charred remains

Dramatic footage captured the burning lorry as it was driven down a street before it was abandoned in a remote spot. The couple have now been hailed as heroes after their brave actions may have prevented a devastating explosion.

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Zhang recalled: “I don’t remember much from the accident, but with the lorry and the goods we’ve lost about 100,000 RMB (?11,361).” “We tried borrowing a fire extinguisher from the petrol station,” she added. “But the fire was just too big.

The extinguisher was useless.”

Ye Hongyan said he knew the potential consequences of an explosion His wife said attempts to douse the flames were futile

Ye said he drove the lorry away because there were lots of people there and knew the consequences of an explosion would have been unthinkable.

He said: “By the time I found a small street to stop on, the entire lorry including the cabin was on fire.

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“I couldn’t even kick open my door and had to escape through the passenger side.”

The couple said they still do not know how or why their lorry caught fire.


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