Tailgater Brake Checked On Wisconsin Highway (Video)

A driver in Wisconsin learned the hard way just how dangerous tailgating can be. The incident was caught on film (video below). A truck driver captured the shocking moment that a driver learned why shouldn’t tailgate on his dashboard camera.

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Smoking still kills a disturbing number of people every year.

Here’s the cold, ugly truth:

According to AWM the video was shot in Little Chute Wisconsin on highway 41. A driver passes the truck in the left lane, with another SUV following closely behind. As the two move ahead of the truck, the car in back gets dangerously close to the car in front and the driver in front quickly gets fed up with the tailgating.

With the tailgater refusing to let up, the driver in front decides to take matters into their own hands and brake checks the tailgater. Immediately, the tailgater slams on their brakes as well, but loses control of the car and swerves between the two lanes before finally driving off the road and into the guard rail on the median.

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Smoking still kills a disturbing number of people every year. Here’s the cold, ugly truth:

According to WKBN, police are looking into the accident after the video went viral.

Authorities say that the driver who crashed has been cited. The driver who brake checked has not been, however, but police say that the investigation is underway. Police ask that if anybody sees somebody brake checking, tailgating, or driving unsafely, you should call to report it.

“Instead of taking things into your own hands, if you’re upset at another driver or you feel actions are dangerous, call us,” said Officer Michael Lambie of the Fox Valley Metro Police. “That’s what we’re here for. We’ll certainly go up and investigate those incidents.” Viewers reacted to the video in the comments section on YouTube.

“Where would you like the guy to?” One user commented. “Into the other lane where someone is merging onto the freeway? I’m just thinking that would be a stupid move don’t you? Simple said tailgating a**holes are simply that, a**holes who think they own the road.”

“So you think attempted murder is acceptable,” another user commented. “If that car would’ve rolled and maybe they were kids in it and someone died. You think it is all OK. You can always decelerate and just take your foot off the gas.

Leaving the scene of an accident makes them wrong again.” “The lead driver did not change speed, he/she merely touched the brake pedal of their vehicle causing the tail lights to come on. The lead driver did NOTHING illegal,” another viewer wrote. “The tailgater however was driving in an illegal manner.

Everyone that thinks the lead driver did anything wrong is an idiot and should not be driving.”

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