Truck driver found guilty of felony

JUNEAU – A 24-year-old Idaho man was placed on probation on Friday after being found guilty of having a gun while he was found by police in the fenced area of Fleet Farm, 1815 N. Spring St., after the store closed. Paul R.

Henderson, from Swan Lake, Idaho, entered a no contest plea to possessing a firearm as a felon. Two additional charges, burglary and theft, were dismissed but read into the record. Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Brian Pfitzinger found Henderson guilty and withheld his sentence and put him on probation for two years.

He must pay court costs and perform 40 hours of community service. He must maintain gainful employment and may not go upon the premises of any Fleet Farm. According to the criminal complaint, on Jan.

17 a Beaver Dam officer responded to the store for a burglar alarm that was coming from the northeast service door. Dispatch was receiving additional signals from a photo beam alarm that was tripped multiple times. Another Beaver Dam officer went to the rear of the store to investigate.

An officer spoke to a man in the storage yard who was walking east toward the north side of the building and was carrying a large box. What appeared to be a chainsaw was sticking out of the box. The man entered a hunting blind that was behind the lawn and garden shed.

The officer shouted to the man and the man yelled that he was coming out and stuck his hands out of the blind and up in the air. He was identified by his driver’s license. According to the criminal complaint, Henderson climbed over the fence to the officer.

Henderson had three metal bars, screws, a phillips-head screwdriver and the chain saw. He allegedly told officers that he took the chain saw because he could resell it in Idaho. Another officer located a semi-tractor and tanker trailer in the parking lot.

Henderson was carrying the key for the truck. A black semiautomatic .22 caliber handgun was located in the rear bunk area of the truck. There was also a case of ammunition.

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The three metal bars and screws were believed to be from a window on one of the overhead doors in the receiving area.

According to the criminal complaint, Henderson admitted to entering the storage building through a window on the overhead door.

The chainsaw was a Husqvarna 50cc 20-inch gas powered chainsaw valued at £399.

Henderson told officers that he was convicted on a felony burglary charge when he was 17 in Utah.

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