‘Looks like we need a bigger sign’

BridgeImage copyright PSNI Image caption Police posted a photo of the lorry saying “The Cut 3, Lorries 0”

A low bridge in Banbridge, County Down, has been hit by a vehicle for the third time in less than a year. It happened as the lorry drove under a 19th Century stone bridge known as The Cut. PSNI Banbridge posted a photo of the damage[1] on Tuesday, with the caption: “Looks like we are going to need a bigger sign.

The Cut 3, Lorries 0′. “Usually people exaggerate their height, not think they are smaller.” The lorry in question appears to have some damage to its roof.

Image copyright (C) Albert Bridge/CC Geograph Image caption The Cut is a 19th Century bridge in the middle of Banbridge town centre

In November a prison service van[2] hit the bridge and lost its roof.

The following day a second lorry became stuck under the bridge[3].

At the time officers used the image as a warning to drivers of other high-sided vehicles, advising them to know the height and dimensions of their lorries before passing under bridges.


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