UPDATED: Southbound M5 traffic queuing from Stroud to Bristol with delays of just over an hour

TRAFFIC travelling southbound is queued from Bristol back to Stroud with drivers being warned to expect delays of around an hour and a quarter. On its website, Highways England states that the delays have been caused by congestion in the Bristol area with traffic at a standstill between Stroud and Clevedon.

Long que for the ice cream van on the #M5!#stuckintraffic pic.twitter.com/rszxbtaayu[1][2][3]

— Scott Wilcox (@scottydog1010) June 16, 2017[4]

#M5 southbound jun 15-17 is a car park. #grumpy pic.twitter.com/3dzUTCpZSw[5][6][7]

— James Small (@doitinwellies) June 16, 2017[8]

Earlier this morning there were delays due to an overturned lorry between Junction 10 and 11 southbound near Cheltenham. A car was also involved and it is believed there was a collision between the two.

But police said that the incident was ‘damage-only’ and there would be no further police involvement.

Contractors have work to right overturned HGV #M5 southbound, J10 – J11 this morning … expect delay if heading to #Gloucester and #Bristol pic.twitter.com/LDPzczjrQT[9][10][11][12]

— Highways England (@HighwaysSWEST) June 16, 2017[13]


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