3 dead, PS Mariamu El Maawy shot in Shabaab attack

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Al-Shabaab gunmen have killed three people and injured a principal secretary in Milihoi along Mpeketoni-Lamu road.

In a daring attack, the militia took control of the Prado with six occupants and sped off.

However, on realizing the Kenya Defence Forces were pursuing them, the militia killed the three occupants and left Public Works Principal Secretary Mariamu El Maawy hurt.

Ms El Maawy, who was shot in the shoulder and leg, was taken to Mpeketoni Hospital after she was rescued by Kenya Defence Forces and General Service Unit personnel.

Reports indicated that the occupants of the Prado were Ms El Maawy, four policemen and a driver.

Ms El Maawy was heading to Witu to visit displaced families.

The official had attended a meeting on Lamu Port (LAPSSET) at Huduma centre in Lamu town before heading to Witu.

In a related incident, a turnboy of a lorry heading to Lamu has was abducted at the same place (Milihoi).

But the militants allowed the driver of the lorry to proceed.

Police intercepted the lorry at Ndeu road block in Hindi and the driver is being questioned.

The attacks occurred as Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa addressed a meeting at Mpeketoni.

Mr Marwa and other top government officials refused to speak to the media on the incident and instead rushed to Mpeketoni Hospital.

Coast Administration Police boss James Akoru had earlier confirmed the incident, saying it occurred at 3pm.

Mr Akoru told the Nation that a team, including GSU officers, had been dispatched to the scene.

“We have received the information just now.

We do not know who the occupants are and how many they are.

Our officers are following up,” Mr Akoru told the Nation on phone.

The incident happened hours after Mr Marwa flew to Lamu for a security meeting.

His visit comes few days after the government launched airstrikes against the terrorists who are believed to be hiding in the vast Boni Forest.

The government increased the airstrikes after attacks by the Al-Shaabab, which claimed lives of 13 people, including four police officers.

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