Boyne Valley truck concerns

BOYNE Valley residents are horrified after another truck full of logs came to grief on their main access road. Chaos unfolded on the Gladstone-Monto Rd when a logging truck rolled at the corner of Bowman and Rushbrook Rds, just off the main route on Thursday (pictured). Police and emergency services crews arrived at the scene of the crash about 11.30am.

What greeted them was a truck on its side and logs all over the road. The Corbet Group truck driver was not injured, however, crash scenes like this are becoming all-too-common according to local residents. Joyce McClure, a Boyne Valley local, was in the area at the time of the incident.

“I checked that the driver was okay … took some photos of the damage and posted them on Facebook to alert people,” she said. Mrs McClure said although she hadn’t been at a crash before, these incidents happened all too often, a fact confirmed by social media comments. “It’s hard to know if they’re sticking to the speed limits because in the end the trucks are all so large that they just own the road,” she said.

This year there have been several truck crashes on the road including one fatal on February 2. Her husband, and president of Nagoorin Progress Association, Ross McClure said trucks travelled along the road “every 20 minutes it seems”. “The old part of the road has been there forever, it’s unlit and the wooden bridge is very narrow,” he said.

“When you travel the road you don’t know if you have enough space for the truck to pass you, and you’re sitting there looking for extra room, bracing yourself. “Driving these logging trucks is like driving with a tank full of water on the back … the drivers are paid to make judgments and assess the conditions, but sometimes we all get complacent or forget. “I don’t think it’s right to just blame lane widths or corners whenever there’s a truck accident on this road though.”

Bryan Smith of Rocky’s Own Transport said, “my view on these things is you drive to the conditions.”

“The fact is we can’t have the best possible road everywhere, regional areas are always going to have thin, narrow, rough roads,” he said.

Corbet Group was contacted but didn’t reply.

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