Drama As Gun Toting Pregnant Female Robber Attacks Haulage Truck

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Terrence Mawawa, Mwenezi| In an incident epitomising the disintegration of the moral social fabric, a female pregnant robber and her accomplices robbed a haulage truck driver at gunpoint. The heavily pregnant woman and her partners in crime pounced on the unsuspecting truck driver at Lundi Business Centre on June 26. The quartet, Brighton Tachiona(41), Bekezela Sesoma(40)- both males, Grace Kamukirimu(36) and Ntando Ngwenya- both females appeared before Mwenezi Magistrate Honest Musiiwa last week.

For the State Prosecutor Willard Chasi told the court that on the day the four armed themselves with a BB CAL black 4,5 pistol and nine pellets loaded in the magazine. On the same day Jonathan Mandalas was driving a haulage truck from South Africa to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Mandalas parked the truck at Total Garage, Lundi Business Centre. As Mandalas was fixing a problem on the truck, the four connived and came up with a plan to rob him.

Tachiona, Kamukurimu and Sesoma then begged for transport to Ngundu Business Centre and Mandalas initially refused.
However they kept on pleading with him and he agreed to take them to Ngundu.
After travelling for 500 metres Tachiona produced a pellet pistol and pointed it at Mandalas.He ordered him to stop the vehicle and threatened to shoot him.
Mandalas jumped off the truck and the trio wrestled with him and he managed to escape. However they got away with R2 700, US £5 and a Samsung Galaxy A6 Tablet. The three fled into the bush where they joined Ngwenya.The four were later arrested at Zizhou Homestead.

“We robbed the driver in order to get money for transport,” they said in mitigation.

They were each sentenced to eight months in prison.However they will serve five months each.




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