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‘Fast and Furious’ car gang climb out of speeding car through sunroof and ‘surf’ their way into lorries

This is the incredible moment a daring gang of Fast and Furious-style thieves climbed out of the sunroof in their speeding car and “surfed” into the back of mobile phone lorries. Drivers swerved to avoid a horror crash as the crooks jumped from their car and into the back of the HGV. Footage taken from a police[1] helicopter circling over the vehicles captures the thieves clamber out of the sunroof in a ploy police blasted as “extremely dangerous”.

The gang deliberately targeted the lorry transporting mobile phones near Madrid, Spain, and used specialist equipment to smash open the back of the lorry.

They removed hundreds of mobile phones in the sophisticated raid. A police spokesman said: “The truck drivers only became aware of the theft when they got to their destination and found the back completely empty.” But after a lengthy investigation, cops recovered more than 470 mobile phones sent by the thieves to Morocco.

The value of the phones is thought to be around £215,000 (?192,000).

The incident happened in February but 10 suspects have since been arrested in the Becerril de la Sierra area of the Spanish capital, all of whom are originally from Morocco.


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