VIDEO: Hero lorry driver saves van driver’s life by trapping him next to central reservation

By Reporter,7 Jul 2017 12.11pm A quick-thinking lorry driver saved the life of a van driver who lost control by trapping his vehicle so it stopped. Russell Dagless, 53, saw the man behind him slump over the wheel and realised he had probably fallen ill.

So he used his HGV to trap the van against a central reservation, avoiding a pile-up and allowing people to reach the man and help him.

(source: Newschapl)

Father-of-one Russell moved his trailer in front of the van as it was bouncing along the safety barrier. Dashcam footage from another car shows motorists get out and give the unconscious driver first aid on the two-lane road. Police said the lorry driver’s actions saved the driver’s life after he had a stroke.

It won him one of the highest awards from the Royal Humane Society for putting his life on the line on the A47 near Dereham, Norfolk.

He will receive its Testimonial on Vellum award with his heroism being described by the charity as ‘like a scene from an all-action movie’ showing ‘incredible courage’.

According to the Metro[3], Russell, from Norwich, said he reacted instinctively and added: “Something had to be done, looking back at it, it just seemed the natural thing to do at the time, so the dangerous side didn’t really fall into my mind.”


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