After losing nearly 12 stone in a year, this lorry driver is on a mission to bag Munros

Steven Duncan has already bagged nine Munros.

An HGV driver from Stonehaven has celebrated losing more than 11 stones in a year by bagging as many Munros as possible. Steven Duncan, 47, weighed 26 stone last February. Now, after a year of intensive weight loss, he is down to just 14 stone.

Mr Duncan said his waistline drastically dropped after he came to the realisation that as he was getting older, being overweight was seriously increasing the risk of a heart attack, cancer, or diabetes, and chose to lead a healthier life. And after climbing the first Munro of his life – Lochnagar, he has now completed nine such mountains, which are all more than 3,000ft high. The 47-year-old said: “I’m getting on in years, so I thought that if I didn’t do it right now, it would never happen and my health would just get worse and worse.

“When I was going out with my dog, my knees would hurt, and my clothes wouldn’t fit, it wasn’t good. “But then a couple of boys at work told me they had joined slimming clubs and it had worked for them, so I joined a club at a community centre and I’ve never looked back. “I stopped buying biscuits, and stopped bringing any money to work – because when you’re a lorry driver, you’re always tempted to stop off at burger vans or pick up packets of crisps or sweeties.

“I just feel so much better now – there’s no secret to it, just eat less and move more.” Mr Duncan said it was his brother Peter who first inspired him to take up hill walking. He added: “I had never thought about going up mountains but in September my brother, who has climbed more than 100 Munros, asked me if I wanted to try a hill, and we gave it a go.

“We did Lochnagar, and it really felt like quite an achievement when I made it to the top, I felt really pleased with myself.

“With the way the weather has been, the hills are still full of snow, so I’m looking forward to getting a few more Munros under my belt with my brother when the weather is better.”

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