Durham entrepreneur invents 'game-changing' accessory for cyclists

A Durham inventor has designed a ‘revolutionary’ cycling accessory to shield wind noise and keep cyclists safer on the move. Durham businessman, David Crampton was inspired to create the ‘Helmut Angel’ product following a near miss-incident on his bike with a lorry a few years ago. The wind noise he experienced whilst riding at high speed prevented him from hearing a truck behind him.

Following this incident, David was inspired to create the pioneering new equipment to shield cyclists from such deafening wind noise and prevent such accidents from occurring. Helmet Angel shells are said to be suitable for bicycle riders of all ages. The new product features two shell-shaped aerodynamic discs which strap securely to adults’ and children’s cycling helmets and can remain permanently in place to protect the rider.

David said: “At the time the near-miss incident happened to me, I was working at a carpet factory, where you had to wear earplugs while on site due to the noise levels. “I began adapting these earplugs to try to create something that would deflect wind noise while riding my bike. My hope for the product is that it will bring more awareness to listening.

“Cyclists should always be aware of what is happening around them, but most especially behind them, so that they can react quickly and efficiently to road traffic, commands and warnings.” The outer shell encourages wind to stream past without noise, while an inner cushion blocks out wind by contouring to the cyclist’s face, the shells’ aerodynamic design streams wind over the rider’s ears whilst providing warmth and protection to the user. In laboratory tests the product has been shown to be highly effective at deflecting wind noise.

The Helmet Angel shells have been thoroughly tested by a Torso Simulator (HATS) with an anechoic chamber, foam glider and acoustic foam diffuser additions. Having recently launched, the product is receiving ‘rave’ reviews from all sides and has recently been tested over a gruelling three-day cycle on the Coast-to-Coast route by a cycling team from Omega Plastics. Rob Gray, team leader of the Coast-to-Coast ride, concluded: “The Helmet Angel shells were absolutely great.

“We experienced a lot of high winds and driving rain during the ride, especially when cycling over higher ground, and the shells really helped to protect our ears and aid our hearing.

This was beneficial not only for hearing traffic, but also for communicating with the other riders.”

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