Railway freight transport goes up faster than road transport in Romania

Railway freight transport posted a higher increase in Romania in 2017 than the road freight transport, according to data from the National Statistics Institute INS. Railway freight went up 6.6% to 56 million tonnes while road freight transport was up 4.7% year-on-year, to a much higher volume, however: 226.3 million tonnes. Some 64% of the road freight travelled up to 49 kilometres to their destination.

Most of the freight carried by train went to domestic destination, with a similar percentage, over three quarter of road freight also arriving at domestic destinations. Some 45,000 tonnes of freight went by plane in 2017, a 12.2% growth year-on-year, to a majority of international destinations. Freight carried by ship stood at 46 million tonnes, most of which to international destinations, with this type of transport going down 0.3%.

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