Truck driver convicted over road rage incident in Bathurst

A TRUCK driver who grabbed a man in a road rage incident has been convicted and fined £550. Paul Steven Attard, 42, of Cox Lane, Eglinton was convicted of common assault on March 26.
Police facts tendered to the court told how on Monday, January 22, the victim was driving along the Oberon Road towards Bathurst.

As the victim approached the intersection of Littlebourne Street, he saw a truck pulling out from the left hand side and had to slow down as the truck driver took a wide berth out of the intersection.
As both vehicles arrived at the intersection at the Sydney Road both turned towards Bathurst.
The victim said he drove in the overtaking lane to get past the truck.

The driver went back in the left lane before again moving right. He then pulled into a service station on Durham Street.
The court heard the accused approached him and grabbed him by the shirt, held the victim and threw him against the car about three times causing the car door to dent.

He then hit the victim in the face, causing the victim pain to the forehead. The court heard Attard was telling the victim he had cut him off and was very aggressive towards him. Attard left the service station when an unknown woman approached, yelling at him to stop.

The victim went into the service station and asked if there was CCTV and was told there was. Police were called. The accused was contacted by police and he told officers he was involved in the incident.

He said he had seen the victim coming from Oberon and felt he had plenty of room to pull out on the Oberon Road.
He said the victim gave him “the finger” before driving in front of him and slamming on the brakes.
The accused also said the victim threw a bunch of coins or similar material at his truck window, causing it to crack.

He followed the victim into the service station, pulled up and approached he victim, grabbing him and pushing him into the car before leaving the location.

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