US Chamber of Commerce Foundation names Raleigh as 11th best food truck city

“Raleigh and Chapel Hill weren’t as open to us, but their rules started to change and adjust with the growing industry,” she said. “They have put things in place where there’s a process now — you can go online; you can see how much it costs; this is what you have to do.” Madison Mundy, program director at the RDU Mobile Food Association, said the organization’s purpose is to promote safety, knowledge and quality within the Raleigh-Durham food truck community. “A lot of people would probably assume that trucks are in competition with each other, and explicitly we are,” she said. “But at the same time, this community is a really awesome space for food trucks to share things with each other.

If somebody has a problem and can’t make a service, they’ll post it in the group and somebody will go and cover it. Everybody helps each other out.” Mundy said food trucks often get a bad reputation for not showing up to events due to uncontrollable factors like the weather or mechanical problems with the truck.

“We want people to understand that we are great people and we want to serve them,” she said. “We want to have this standard so that other trucks that may not be part of our association have something to strive toward.” Mundy said the Raleigh food community’s shift towards local, fresh foods and reduced regulation from the government have contributed to the success of Raleigh’s food trucks. “As far as the city is concerned, they’ve changed a lot of regulation about having food trucks downtown in Raleigh,” she said

Even with reduced regulations, there will always be red tape to cut through, Mundy said. “There’s still going to be regulations that are difficult to work with,” she said. “But we’re here to be a representative for the food truck community. We talk to leaders, we go to monthly meetings in different counties and listen to the different problems that they’re having with food trucks, or they come to us and ask us.

We’re kind of like a liaison between local governments and the food truck community.”


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