Guns and grenades found in lorry in Billingshurst

A lorry driver has been arrested on suspicion of importing firearms and explosives after a lorry was stopped in West Sussex. The National Crime Agency (NCA) stopped a lorry at Rosier Business Park in Billingshurst at about 12:00 BST. Bomb disposal experts were called to the scene and an area was cordoned off, an NCA spokesman said.

Guns, grenades and ammunition were found in plastic cases on the lorry, the NCA said. The lorry driver, a man in his 40s from the Brighton area, was arrested on suspicion of the importation of firearms and explosives, and is being questioned by the NCA.

The NCA spokesman said: “After an initial inspection of the lorry two plastic cases were found stuck to the bottom of the truck with magnets. “Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal teams were called in, and a 100m exclusion zone around the vehicle was set up.”

Both cases were removed and when opened the bomb disposal officers found five handguns, three hand grenades and several dozen rounds of ammunition. The exclusion zone around the lorry has now been lifted, but NCA officers are expected to remain at the scene overnight.

David Norris, NCA branch commander, said: “This was a significant seizure of weaponry which, in criminal hands, could have caused untold damage. “Criminal gangs use these types of weapons to bring fear and violence to our streets.

“We’re committed to doing all we can to stop them, and in seizing these deadly items we have made the public safer.”

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