HGV battle continues at busy A483 roadworks near Oswestry

Residents in Weston Road, Morda, near Oswestry, who have had long-running concerns about safety, say the problems have become worse since the roadworks began on the Maesbury Road junction with the A483. But a plan to stop HGVs ignoring diversion signs and using the road as an alternative has not been taken up by contractors Kier. Councillor Joyce Barrow, who has worked closely with residents in the past, said she was in discussions with Shropshire Council’s highways team to look at ways of resolving the issue.

One suggestion had been to put a person at either end of Weston Road to turn away the larger vehicles. She said: “It is a big problem with lorries turning down Weston Road and using it as a rat run. “Last week I saw for myself a lorry driver stop, look at the sign that clearly says no access for HGVs, and turn down there anyway.

“It is a major issue and it is going to be an ongoing issue.” The redesign of the Maesbury Road junction will see traffic lights put in place following several fatal and serious accidents over the years.

Advertising It was revealed last week that cutting of the highways budget by GBP10 million over the next two years will lead to a delay in road-safety schemes, which Councillor Barrow believes will include the extension of the 30mph zone from Morda along Weston Road.

She added: “I really feel for the people of Weston. They have done all the right things, they have spoken to the right people, so all of this is very frustrating. “I will keep trying to find some sort of resolution.

“But my major issue is that the funding stays in place to get the speed limit and that it is not affected by the funding shortfall.

Advertising “That is something I am going to continue to pursue and an issue I will be taking absolutely no nonsense on.” A spokesperson for Shropshire Council said Kier would continue to try to manage the HGV situation with signs.

The diversion is expected to be lifted later this week with work continuing at the junction for another month until the redesign is completed.

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